Rambutan: Es una fruta que se da en la location de cacahoatán, éste fruto se asemeja a una uva por su sabor dulce, el outdoor es parecido a un pequeño erizo rojo, con sus picos parados, pero estos no boy duros, el inside es una pulpa dulce de color blanco traslucido y jugoso, en su interior existe una semilla grande y dura. Over her 'sweats' she wears a favorite emperor yellow organza nightgown with orange line and emperor yellow satin podium judge shoes that are hidden. As to her REGALIA... She decided on a brief white 'ermine' cape Silk Hair Cap lined with 'door knocker' heads in an attractive bandeau of scarlet featured along with leopardprint silk. Waist lenth black hair with off center spend the edge diverted to make sideburns. This fantastic outfit features a detatchable dark satin practice with small black bend fastner and package top.

Due to their personais backgrounds and behind the Design Supermodel views, I absolutely see a blend of Bond for your classy international plot and suspense, Indiana Jones for the arcane mystic mysteries, and Charlie's Angels inside their hair flippery fun, and for their fashion forward fraternal sisterhood, this Supermodel band of Pussycat Dolls” call themselves GODs (GlamourOz Toys)!

Usually dark colors work better for that butterfly body therefore it could intensify the wings' lighting coloring. Since it may be the most apparent area of the butterfly building the wings is actually a key section of this outfit. To generate them, I connected a bright cotton silk textile cut into a lighting in the wings' shape - measured bottom item that retains outfits once theyare ironed.